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Message from Director
Please allow this brief introductory to serve as a message of good will and communication for a global community of welfare and better understanding by means of mutual interchanging views and culture to prepare ourselves for a new era of global co-operation and support. That was the first block in our strategy and a candle to light our missions. First I would like to introduce myself: I am a registered Jordanian journalist, my name is: MAHASSEN AL EMAM, I have started NGO Project which is Arab Women Media Center (AWMC) a year ago and currently I am  the Director of AWMC. 

AWMC Story and History

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1998 - first meeting attended by Jordanian women and colleagues who have strong  expertise in media affairs - Press, TV, Radio with minimum experience not less than 20 years.  Also we participated voluntarily in most of NGOs association activities in Jordan, so we are very much familiar of women’s rights and children as well as family rights those in fact were not honestly covered neither by the media nor by NGOs' functions, so we decided to start our research to establish a media center to serve this belief and doctrine.
Early 1999 we did finish all process to convert our dream into reality -starting obtaining license and registration as well as rented an apartment in Amman within the old and most cultural place in the town, named JABELL ALWAIBDEH, as a suitable place for our Arabs’ Media Women Center. After doing required maintenance and renovation to the building we furnished and equipped the rooms’ office with a reasonable furniture and office hard ware which cost me around (25000 JD).
On 5th of Dec 1999
HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal
(Sister of our Late king Hussein of Jordan) cut the ribbon. Then we started our work exactly the day after.

Aug 10th 2001 AWMC moved to a new location closer to city center at Al Abdalli, opposite of ministry of education main gate on street renamed after the center to be name as Al Ellamiatt Al Arabiatt Street.

Sep 12 2001 HRH opened our electronic website that is The Princess accepted to represent AWMC as honorary president.

Aug till now AWMC involved in many projects and programs:

  • Media Training.

  • Media to non Media awareness to publishing human rights and democracy.

  • Calling for 2 media conferences for Arab Women in Media members, first June 2001, second Oct 2002.

  • Producing films on violence against women named [ Voice of suspended victims of violence].

  • Youths media to non media awareness, we've started to call for a regional conference planed to switch on early Jan 2004, parts will be from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, hosted by their counter part 20 Jordanian youths.

AWMC Strategy and Objectives

We are concerned with media work  (written, audio, video) that focuses on, women, children and family rights and Democracy education to concluding media freedom alongside  with journalism ethics, showing also highlighting active and passive responds and responsibilities by adopting such a media philosophy and efforts to introduce an idea of media privatization in practicing and performing the following steps:

  •        Genuine self research on our own  What, Why, How -. What is our status globally?  Why we still have human rights violations?  How we should develop our self towards modernization? reasons why still dragging in Democratization process.

  •        Data has to be collected by means of an effective and reliable reconnaissance network not ignoring and any level in the society  beside carrying research workshops, and seminars: classifying process by putting data in tables, logging for logic and facts, producing reports and assessments as well as recommendation if it is necessary.

  •        Disseminate reports, cases, and status briefed or comprehensive subjected for publishing and feedback to all NGOs locally and internationally as well as governmental decision makers in term of monthly or periodic magazine besides documentary films and pamphlets as well as updating our web site on the internet on daily bases.

  •        Offering  on the job training  for newly graduate media women  by hiring them in practicing their future careers’ job in the media and media [ESP], as well as offering media to non media training as a media campaign to non media objectives to upgrade their knowledge on Human rights, and Democratization. 

  •        Helping unemployed media women by hiring them on regular and part job basis to run our media reconnaissance’s project.

To view our strategy on line please click here

Administration and Organizational Structure

Arab Media Women Center is a unique Non Governmental Organization Institute in Jordan, registered as non profitable center by Ministry of industry and commerce and licensed by Ministry of Information.
The major elements of the center consist of the following: 

  •          AMWC GM is MRS Al Emam Mahassen advised and assist by two major committees  The AMWC higher board of advisor  The AMWC board of founders.

  •          Membership is open for all Jordanian media women to join the center and now we almost have 56 members working as volunteers directed by a young MWV committee. 

  •          Liaison affairs committee are in charge of co-ordinations + co-operations with out side NGOs locally and internationally.

For more in Arabic just go here but

AWMC Higher Committee

  • HRH Princess Bassma Bint Talal AWMC honorary president.

HRH website please click here

 [Director + High administrative committee] detailed in table below:

    Mahasen Al Emam    

AWMC Director

 Print journalist

Dr. Sabri Rbaihat

Board Member 

Former minister 

Ms. Suhaier Elali

Board Member

Former minister

MR Fadel Muarek

Board Member 


Dr. Mustapha Yaghi

Board member

MP - Jordan

Eng Khamiss Atttia

Board member

MP - Jordan

Prof Phil Raper

The Director of Ceres

Board Member

Social Scientist

MS Sana Alshareif 

Board Member 

AWMC projects' officer 

Dr. Abdulnasir Al Najar

Board Member 

PPA President  

MR. Emad Hajaj

Board Member 


MR. Shafique Obeidat

Board Member

Media consultant 

Nour Al Emam

AWMC Legal Advisor

Human rights activates 


Early each year  the center called for general assembly meeting to vote for new AWMC government that is [AWMC admin and implementation committee] AWMC A&IC in which AWMC GA members of  Jordanian media women members have voted for the following names detailed as below:

AWMC-SC - and Admin committee members


AWMC committee

Media class

   Mahasen Al Emam    


Premier  -AWMC-



Lara Tmash

AWMC Board secretary

Sana Al Shereif

Projects manager - AWMC

Eman Zaza

AWMC- SC memebr 

Nesreen Abo Salha Rubaihatt 

AWMC- PA memebr

Samia Kurdia

AWMC - MC member

AWMC General Assembly

AWMC members

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Arab's journalists

AWMC local members

please click here

Jordanian journalists

AWMC youths members

please click here

Arab's youths members

AWMC Media Watch

AWMC journalists

please click here

Journalists media watch 

AWMC youths

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Youths media watch

Renaming a street

On occasion of renaming a street where AWMC sited on after the center name to be read as [ Al Ellamiatt Al Arabiatt St ] that is - Arab Women Media St - below names were patronage the events, read from L-R


MS Tmassh, HE minister of info, AWMC director, HRH Princess Basma, Mayor of Greater Amman .

To full fill executing our objectives effectively and efficiently it is a must to obtain a reliable organizational table as below:

  • Administration/ AWMC Director – Deputy/ Project manager – IT Staff -Extenuative Secretary

  • Management/ AWMC Director advised by two committees, Board of Advisors, Board of Founder

  • Main Sections/ Journalism, Radio and TV, IT media

  • Office hardware/ Computer network system connected to internet, Tel fax network, Public address system audio video linked to digital satellite receiver,

  • Office software/ most media soft ware are available + power mackintosh computer and required soft ware as well

AWMC Accomplishments and Working Programs and Projects

Since we started our work we have accomplished the following programs and functions:

1.      During last Dec early Jan 2000  al most 4 weeks those were dedicated for talented Jordanian film directors to display their films and discuss it with the audience.

2.      We had two press dialogues in our center for Al bian news paper that is UAE paper and well known in Arabia, both subjects were published.

3.      We held the first training media course for 10 days participants from Jordanian newspapers and JBS + JTVS.

4.      Sponsoring an educating theater for schools boys and girls  Play and scenario planned to educate young generations on modern values and Democracy  Cast are young directed by a talented unemployed director  Steps are on finals ready to be played on theater days later.

5.      Mar 12 each year  dedicated by AWMC as an Arab Women in Media Day. We used to launch  functions and events dedicated for the first time in Jordan to honoring a talented Jordanian media women  Year 2000 we honored eight old and young those were selected as five old and three young represents journalists and TV + Radio women. Year 2002 (13 ) distinguished women in media were honored   Along side the Arab women in media day we had Arts Gallery and products of local Jordanian women.

5.   Oct 8th 2002 Mahassen Al-Emam, journalist and Founder of the Arab Women Media Center (AWMC) in Jordan received the Knight International Press Fellowship Award in Washington on October 8. The Award honors individuals who demonstrate journalistic integrity and independence under difficult circumstances, and who have made remarkable contributions to the media in their region.


Our Final Conclusions and Statements

Even we engage ourselves in a voluntarily work and public services, but it wo’nt sustain as a private sector if have not got a proper finance support, at least to cover our expenses as well as a budget for expansion in developing job performance and equipment also enough to pay wages of our staff.

  • By this briefed introductory we hope it will meet your support conditions and capability and any help will be appreciable regardless its magnitude.

  • Lighting candles is better than damning darkness then after we will refund our self the moment standing on solid ground, we have the will and hope it will not be too late, because our AWMC is the first in the country as well as our objectives are positive in serving human rights among women and men equally.

  • We are in Jordan witnessing a new era of transition democracy, free economy, Globalization so we are offering our services to the Jordanian people in behalf of the government as an NGO.


Journalist Mahassen Al Emam 
AWMC Director 
Arab Women Media Center (AWMC)
Post Code 11947  P.O Box 199
Jabel Al Waibdeh- Al Ellamiatt Al Arabiatt Street, opposite of Ministry of Education -Amman Jordan

Tel /Fax:  00962 (6)  4648889 - 5059820

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